Mundus Subterraneous – Friday 18th March

Final year MA Art and Science student, Sarah Craske, will be screening a new work on 18th March 2016, commissioned by the University of Kent… 

ARTIST Sarah Craske
WHERE Templeman Library Lecture Theatre, Canterbury Campus, University of Kent, CT2 7NZ
WHEN Friday 12:30-13:30 Panel discussion followed by film screening

The premiere of a new, permanent film installation by artist Sarah Craske for the Templeman Library, Mundus Subterranous explores the concept of books as centres of microbial data, and data transfer, and reflects on tensions in the relationship between digital and physical knowledge.

Over the last decade, libraries and archives have been through a huge process of change. As technology develops at an increasing speed, so does our relationship with knowledge. Knowledge itself is continually being redefined and accessed more immediately whilst acquisition and storage of knowledge is moving from the real to the virtual world. Mundus Subterraneous explores the idea that the physical archive is not just objects holding data within the text printed on their pages; the objects can also contain knowledge and data embedded within their physical form.

The film will be introduced by Sarah Craske, who will talk about the development of the work. She will be joined by a panel including including Assistant Director Information Services (Library Collections) Trudy Turner.