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Remember Nature Day of Action | 4 November 2019

4th November 2019 was the fourth anniversary of the original Call for Artists to Remember Nature issued by artist Gustav Metzger (1927 – 2017) on The Street at Central Saint Martins.  Initiated and curated by MAAS student Phil Barton some 20 students from courses across the College and beyond took part in a Day of Action on The Street.

Children and adult participants in the Day of Action

Pupils, teachers and parents from Brecknock Primary School who took part in the day of action with Simon Grancher (tree), Judy Hallgarten (right of tree) and Phil Barton (far right) with class teacher Henny Wedmore between them.

Gallery of photographs of the activities including performance, hands-on activities and discussion.

Oscar Towe’s action inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka’s work towards re-vegetation and the clay seedball.


Nature no longer exists separate from humankind – humans have altered every part of Nature throughout the Earth.

Humankind cannot exist without Nature.

In this post-industrial, post-truth global society we have forgotten this.  We have embarked on our own auto-destructive process.  When the disintegrative process is complete, humankind will have been removed from the planet and scrapped.  Nature will re-assert herself and set about countering the human driven sixth great extinction and, over millennia, the Anthropocene age will be superseded in the geological record by new eras.

Remember Nature.

Humankind can choose instead to adopt an auto-creative, ecological approach to Nature.  One where we work alongside the other than human world; where we value all life on this planet and not just our own; where our reason, technologies and behaviours align with Nature and do not seek to dominate.

The artist must lead the way.  Auto-creative art is the art of change, movement, growth – the art of Nature.  Our ‘Pale Blue Dot’ – a speck of dust in the vastness of the cosmos – becomes the focus of our art, our society, our economy, our science.  We create with Nature.  We do not ignore, dominate, extinguish Nature.

Auto-creative art honours and respects Nature.  It challenges dominant political, religious, economic, media and academic paradigms which ignore, override or devalue Nature.

Auto-creative ecological art Remembers Nature.

by Phil Barton

Central Saint Martins London                                   4th November 2019

Islington Mill Manchester/Salford                           4th November 2017

In Memoriam Gustav Metzger, Auto-Destructive Artist

the words "Remember Nature" marked in the sand