See You Tomorrow NOW OPEN

See You Tomorrow

MAAS Open Studio 2021

Hello and welcome to MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins.

This year’s open studio is a little different and playful. Although the documentation of our works is based online, the map you see below represents the diversity of physical locations we work from. We also added a much-needed physical dimension to the experience of artwork, all in line with current guidelines and restrictions imposed by the global pandemic.

The locations you see on the map are physical spaces which host our work embedded in QR codes. We invite you to explore the map by having a walk (within the pandemic frame permissible by your local law and regulations) or a browse. The map is best viewed on a computer rather than on a mobile device.

Each of the map locations has been marked with a QR code allowing for multiple entry points to our works and these can be accessed by the public throughout the duration of the open studio.

We’ll endeavour to make this experience as live as possible and invite you to join our live session on 18 February 2021 (Registration – HERE), which will also feature live-streamed performances.

The QR codes were placed by students in their respective territories and although dots on a map may seem like an abstract territory, they represent a living body of work, people and students connected by an idea and passion for an exploratory journey at the intersection of art and science, despite the constraints of travel and pandemic logic.

We hope to ‘See you tomorrow’, whenever tomorrow will be. Enjoy the journey!

Please note websites may contain flashing images, sexually explicit or offensive content. Please do not reproduce any of the participating artist’s work without their permission.