I am fascinated by the emergence of the ‘bio-techno-ecology’ where technological, cultural and bio matter will entangle or find new ways to relate, creating new life forms and ecosystems.  My research and practice is fueled by theories of origins of life, the ‘stuff’ of life, the ambiguity of matter and methods of creating new lifeforms or new types of biology.  I use material and process experimentation as a method of research and exploration of these areas, expressed in speculative artefacts, meta-material visuals, object assemblies and sensory transmissions.  The ‘materiality’ of things is a source of inspiration. Elements, chemicals, biology, technology geology are all fused, reacted and interconnected.  I use fiction as a device for contextualising scientific concepts, art philosophies and modelling possibilities – imagination is the artists most important asset!  I aspire to create art as an invitation for others to contribute to current discourse surrounding the big issues affecting our biological existence – be it the current condition of our habitat or our new capacities to design and make life.  For details of exhibitions, residencies and my ‘art research club’ Elastic Nature head to my website.