I explore what it means to work with a living organism, the honeybee. Being aware of the recent wave of creative practices using other life forms exploring the relationship of the human with the environment. As a beekeeper myself I am drawn to explore the motives for working with bees ( or any other species) in the ways that we do.

My work considers how the human can conceptualise the experience of another, when that other is so different to a human in the way that it perceives and interacts with the world.  I ask of myself and others to ask ethical and challenging questions when working with other life forms, these objectives are aimed to stimulate public awareness and debate in creative practice (or any other practice).

With the above in mind consideration is given to the environmental accountability and recyclability of the materials used in evidencing the articulation of creative work. The environment is of key importance in my practice.

All work which brings these issues into the public domain should be seen in a positive light, the challenge is to ask new questions of how we can work together. I ask, should there be an ethical guideline when working with another life form in creative practices.