My art practice explores the multifaceted theme of identity, with my focus currently on memory. Fascinated by the ubiquity of the digital image and technology I work predominantly with photography and large mixed media installations—also playing around with the idea of what constitutes an image. Investigating the psychological and philosophical questions surrounding identity and questioning the relationship between the subjective and objective aspects of identity, my practice explores how these theories and concepts translate into artistic expressions.

The project Glitch Memories explores childhood memories and the pivotal role they hold in the formation and understanding of self-identity. Here, glitching was used as a metaphor, exploring the parallels between human memory and computer memory. Exploring the idea of the human brain as a computer system –storing memories to be retrieved later, like files on a hard drive, but at times when we go back to retrieve these memories, we might find them missing some information.

My latest project explores the common link in human attachment to landscape and how we find identity in landscape and place. ‘Landscape is not simply what we see, but a way of seeing: we see it with our eye yet interpret it with our mind and ascribe values to landscape for intangible – spiritual – reasons.’ Landscape can therefore be seen as a cultural construct in which our sense of place and memories inhere.

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