My interdisciplinary art practice involves biomedicine, cognitive neuroscience, psychology by using art forms like CGI and motion graphics. My practice will have tightly relevance with the concept of “dignity” and “manipulator or manipulated” in science.

I research implanted or external devices, such as the prosthesis and various medical apparatus embedded into human body based on the concept of Cyborg. And I also interested in their influences and manipulation on people’s physical and mentality. In the meantime, based on anatomy and contemporary biomedical technology, I also invent conceptual apparatus that have not yet been invented, but will have potential usage on people’s certain interactivity or just denote the absurd of people’s certain existential aspects.

I believe in the mechanised essence of human body and I am wondering if we can manipulate one’s mentality by manipulating their mechanised body. We can create people’s certain peculiarity that meet our demand by doing some sorts of reinforcement continually on them. As a kind of creature, human beings cannot be out of the law of nature.