I am fascinated by the implications of medical imaging, leading me to explore how people visualise their bodies at a microscopic level, particularly with reference to cells and mutation, and how that influences a sense of embodiment and identity.I work in glass, metal and a variety of other materials, primarily making sculptural objects.  I believe that engaging with physical objects facilitates radically different ideas and conversations to solely viewing images, whether analogue or digital. Visibility, invisibility, tactility and texture are central themes of my work.

Alongside my individual practice, my recent collaborative projects have included curating and making artwork for The Museum of Extraordinary Objects and Changing Expectations of Art and Science with The Royal Society, an em-em joint residency at CUBELONDON, working with Dr Niamh Nowlan at Imperial College for Soapbox Science, and joint projects with fellow artist Jill Mueller, including Open Platform at the Wellcome Collection.