Libby Heaney is an multimedia artist who has recently exhibited at The Old Truman Brewery in London and Point B in New York. Libby is interested in the blurring of physical and digital spaces and makes both passive and active interactive installations that allow viewers to confront the post-digital world. Working in both natural materials like paper, wood and linen and with digital elements including projection and coded spaces, she draws inspiration from her background in quantum physics as well as post-structuralist theory, a wide array of artists and writing and the New Aesthetic. In making her installations, Libby works both intuitively with physical materials using laborious, repetitive making techniques emphasising the tangible and in a pre-determined way with mathematical techniques and computer code that integrates the digital and coordinates with the physical and the viewers.

  • Computation Cloud, (2014) site specific interactive installation exhibited in SUARTs gallery space, High Holborn London. Paper, paint, wire, motors, Arduino, Kinect sensor, original code.
  • Elements of Reality, (2014) site specific installation exhibited at Courtyard Arts, Hertford. Paper, card and LED lighting.
  • God’s Dice, (2014) interactive installation exhibited at Bargehouse, London. Wood, felt, vinyl, paint, flatscreen TV, Arduino, original code.
  • The Mona-Lisa Experience, (2015) site specific installation exhibited at the Big Space IV at Central St. Martins, London.
  • Digital projection, Kinect sensor, original code. (x, y, z), (2014) Digital projection, Kinect sensor, original code.