A new lens changed the way I see natural forms: focussing my gaze, revealing details, sharpening and blurring my eyes and challenging my observations. The microscope transports me to a hidden world of unseen activity, often thriving with organic forms whose botanical structures and patterns are akin to a being immersed in an alien landscape.

I am drawing ‘capillary thread moss’, commonly found in the garden clinging to bricks, little dense clumps that have red shoots and pear shaped buds filled with ripening spores. I am interested in challenging my visual perception and visual representation through drawing in relation to the use of microscopy and photo microscopy.

I have explored the shared roots of botanical art and botanical scientific illustration, and from this study I have questioned how botanical art can be expressed within contemporary art through science and art processes. I am now exploring the medium of colour pencil and glass engraving to depict layered translucent cellular structures found in capillary thread moss.