I investigate ways of representing reality which challenge our everyday perception and personal aesthetics. I work with a transdisciplinary approach each discipline bringing a new layer of understanding.  

Here I focus on a very specific aspect of the real: a piece of wasteland, in my hometown. After a study on the biodiversity of my area, I committed myself to changing residents’ perceptions  in order to detect those places with a lower index of biodiversity and seek solutions to increase it.  I used this wasteland as a stage where I  developed a series of artistic interventions.

In parallel, I portrayed its assemblage: this wasteland understood via the institution, biology, semiotics, heritage.  I documented this process and developed a methodology to be able to intervene new wastelands. Now  I am working in London with a new community, establishing a dialogue between both places.

My main mediums are recycled materials, painting, interactive sensors and video projections. By making visible the connections that make us responsible for our environment I seek to challenge our idea of territory.  Urban wastelands are for me an opportunity for staging multiple and biodiverse realities.