I am a British artist now working at the intersection of Art, Science & Technology, currently developing a personal transdisciplinary manifesto which I use to govern my own practice. I am specifically interested in exploring how the concept of knowledge & data, practice & space,  language & method, equipment & materials transform through transdisciplinary working and am developing my own transdiscipline  Biological Hermeneutics.

My work begins with an identified Question, which is then explored beyond disciplinary boundaries, sometimes in collaboration. The Results manifest themselves as either research, writing, installations, performances or sculpture using a range of media including archival material, bacteria, fungi, DNA, resins & collected specimens.

My research has recently been awarded an AHRC Innovation Award, in recognition of my innovative contribution to collaborative inter-relationships between the sciences, arts & humanities. Metamorphoses in Art & Science develops shared ways of working in new & emerging fields.

I lives and work between London, Canterbury & Ramsgate (UK).