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Day of Action to Remember Nature

Kittyhawk takes flight

Technologies of Romance

… a symposium of ideas, performances, videos and artworks on the theme of ‘Technologies of Romance’

28 September 2018

Science Museum

“The MA students responded, by contrast, to the broader imaginary realms to which the Science Museum Group collections might take one, giving us a performance of imagined flight, exploring the Moon through photographs, film footage, quotes and personal narrative, projected into the symposium space and performed by members standing around the room. John F Kennedy’s voice spoke alongside astronauts Yuri Glazkov, Pham Tuan and Mohammad Ahmad Faris. We contemplated a piece of Moon rock (on display in the Science Museum Space gallery) alongside images of the Earth from space. The students spoke of Icarus, Selenites, lunatics, Shakespeare and Cleopatra, contrasting the Moon as muse and inspiration, to its increasing reality as a junkyard for space technology. They showed us how technology has taken us to the Moon, and brought the Moon to us, firing our imagination with the romance of space travel. But what impact have our technologies wrought on the Moon itself” 

In November 2018 Becky Lyon, Hannah Pratt, Catherine Herbert and Phil Barton performed a sound and video piece at a Science Museum Symposium initiated by Paul O’Kane as part of a collaboration between Central Saint Martins and the Science Museum.  We explored the Flight and Exploring Space galleries of the Museum, reflecting on the huge romantic resonance of both human activities from from da Vinci’s flying machines of the late 1400s to the blanket bombing of Vietnam in the 1960s and from the Wright Brothers to “the Eagle has landed’.  We asked ourselves why humanity has not been back to the Moon for fifty years and what the exploitative interest might be for tech billionaires scrambling to return?

Dressed in black, perambulating around the perimeter of the darkened room, our four voices shared text, poetry, voice recordings, video images and our own writing as we reflected on the romance and the reality, the profit and loss and on the changing romance of the Moon and the technologies which got us there and are now threatening our very existence.

View a special edition of the Science Museum Group Journal dedicated to Technologies of Romance, with an introduction by Laura Humphreys & Katy Barrett.

View the full symposium programme

Becky, Phil, Hannah and Catherine in an early read through of the script in CSM Library.

Prepare to visit Fields!


The installation of the 2018 MA Art and Science degree show, Fields is well underway and all the artists from the 2018 cohort are excited to welcome everyone to come and see their work from 23-27 May. 

The show promises to demonstrate innovative lines of thought merged with experimental techniques, stimulating creative discourse, as students explore the relationship between art and science, disciplines that inform and respond to social change. With a range of backgrounds including art, illustration, psychology, biochemistry and mathematics, MA Art and Science graduates have developed a spectrum of interdisciplinary approaches. Fields is explorative with artworks, workshops and performances embracing diverse media including new technologies, installation, storytelling, analogue media, photography and virtual reality.

Visit Fields and expect to be immersed and intrigued by the liminal space between art and science. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue featuring images and statements by each artist and information on collaborative projects and residencies.


Allison Barclay-Michaels | Liv Bargman | Stephen Bennett | Áinne Burke | Helen Cawley | Tere Chad | Hazel Chiang | Meri Lathi | Rebecca Leach McDonald | Julie Light | Reggy (Tong) Liu | Chris Makin | Jill Meuller | Priya Odedra | Pandora Peng | Lisa Pettibone | Gary Scott | Eleonora Sher | Amy Starmar | Olga Suchanova | Çağlar Tahiroğlu | Bekk Wells | Victoria Westerman | Chang Zhou


23 – 27 May 2018
Opening times | Wed to Fri 12-8pm | Sat to Sun 12-5pm

Location | K-Space, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, 1 Granary Square, London N1C 4AA, United Kingdom

This year the Degree Show will be accompanied by a Symposium on Saturday 26th, May.

Saturday 26 May 2018


FREE – Tickets now available at Eventbrite

Crossing Fields: Join MA Art and Science graduating students and guests for a day of talks, demonstrations and discussions crossing fields in art and science.

Part 1: Experience and Collaborations

12.30 to 14.15

The Subjective Experience in Art and Science

With Meri Lahti, Jill Mueller, Eleonora Sher and Caglar Tahiroglu

Sciences that deal with subjective human experiences such as psychology, anthropology and sociology are often associated with art in terms of their expressive or therapeutic aspects, but how do they sit within the Art and Science umbrella which is usually the domain of the ‘hard’ sciences of biology, physics, chemistry and maths?

Three dimensions of collaboration

Interdisciplinary collaborations can take many forms. This panel gives three perspectives on collaborations between artists and science organisations. Lisa Pettibone discusses how experiencing the CERN environment offers inspiration to artists. Helen Cawley, in an ongoing collaboration with the CLOUD Experiment at CERN, gives insight into how she has managed working with a large team of international scientists to communicate climate science, and Julie Light reflects on working with the Royal Society and how artists can generate new conversations about the future of scientific research.

Incredible Insects: Collaborating with Nature’s Biofactories.

Illustrator and Artist Liv Bargman and Scientist Rebecca Devine (University of East Anglia) will discuss their research and collaboration on Leafcutter Ants and the future of antibiotics: “Humans have been using antibiotics for less than 100 years and already antimicrobial resistance is posing a major risk to modern medicine.  In contrast, leaf-cutter ants have been using antibiotics from the soil for around 50 million years to farm their symbiotic fungus.” (leafcutter ant project at UEA)

Part 2: Embodiment and Connection

14.45 to 16.30

Off the Page and into the Fields

Interactive talks and discussion around the role art plays in transforming abstract ideas and theories about climate change and the environment into embodied experiences and actions with SRG Bennett, Priya Odedra and Rebecca Leach McDonald.

Poetry of the Imaginary Plane

Amy Knight explores the notion of the real-imagined plane in the mind’s eye, a timeless space, which has capacity to harvest unbounded creative potential.

How can we connect?

With María Teresa Chadwick Irarrázaval, Reggy (Tong) Lui, Pandora Peng and Victoria Westerman. A panel of discussions concerning the connection between people and society as a whole. This section of the symposium will explore the ways art and science might discuss the creation of a unifying visual language, the psychology of identity and the masks we present to each other, how data theory can investigate philosophies of connection to the deceased, and the balance between intimacy and tactile connection in a multimedia age.

Procession for the Physical Sciences

Bekk Wells will end the symposium with a grand processional finale.

CSM X CMS: Entangled

CSM X CMS: Entangled | 14 – 17 June | MA Art and Science 2017


CSM X CMS: Entangled 

DATES: Wed 14 – Sat 17 June 2017

LOCATION: Four Corners Gallery, London, 121 Roman Road, E2 0QN, Bethnal Green

OPENING TIMES: Wed to Sat | 10.00 – 18.00

PRIVATE VIEW: Thurs 15 June | 18.00 – 20.30

A3-high res-CRN

Placing themselves firmly at the centre of contemporary Art and Science discourse, nineteen artists from Central Saint Martins respond to their December 2016 visit to CERN and the CMS detector in their exhibition at Four Corners Gallery, London, June 14-17, 2017. The striking array of work confirms that when creative minds grasp universal concepts, at the core of our material understanding of the universe, you can expect the unexpected.

About the Exhibition

Sculpture, film, printmaking, sound and art installations are just some of the outcomes from reflections on their surprising discoveries from the trip, including a rare look at the inside of the CMS detector experiment, particles in cloud chambers that may help us understand climate change, and the baffling quantity and randomness of data produced to confirm minute particle reactions.

Additionally, there is the memorable impression of the deeper social context of the institution itself. Often in parallel with what drives artists, scientists are striving to grasp the unknown and offer their discoveries to humanity in an ethos of sharing and openness. Artists recognise the exhilaration of new perspectives relating to what we are made of and, also seek to make fresh connections and intuitive leaps in understanding.

In preparation for the exhibition, between 8-11 May a number of the artists returned to CERN for further research and collaboration with the physicists. During the exhibition workshops, artist talks and other activities will take place in the gallery space. We are grateful to CMS and art@cms for making our visits possible.


Participating Artists

Allison Barclay-Michaels, Stephen Bennett, Joshua Bourke, Amy Knight, Reggy Liu, Maria Macc, Fiona Morf, Jill Mueller, Priya Odedra, Helen O’Donoghue, Yun Peng, Lisa Pettibone, Heather Scott, Hannah Scott, Nicolas Strappini, Olga Suchanova, Bekk Wells, Victoria Westerman and guest artist Andy Charalambous (CSM lecturer and CERN consultant in association with Imperial College, London)


THIRD MATTER | 24-28 May | MA Art and Science degree show 2017


Central Saint Martins’ graduates showcase innovative and thought-provoking work from the interdisciplinary MA Art and Science programme.

DATES | Wed 24th – Sun 28th May 2017

LOCATION | Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, 3rd Floor,

1 Granary Square, London N1C 4AA, United Kingdom

OPENING TIMES | Wed to Fri 12.00 – 20.00 | Sat to Sun 12.00 – 18.00


THIRD MATTER, this year’s MA Art and Science graduates at Central Saint Martins, present a stimulating event showcasing their unique insight into contemporary issues. With an eclectic mix of backgrounds, and inspired by their individual connections with the evolving area of art and science, works are responding to diverse topics including: Consciousness through sound; non-verbal communication across dimensions; alienation and reclaiming the self, to nostalgia and memory provoked by smell. The body is investigated through the tropes of scientific enquiry and models of A.I. and considerations of genetics and evolutionary pressure. The effects of how we co-habit with the landscape and nature are explored through themes of Anthropocene, pollution and interfaces of synthetic and organic matter and questions relating to the evidence of ‘being’ are raised from visualizing particle energy release to the existence of black-holes.

Provocative, challenging and engaging, the exhibition will include works developed from research undertaken by private enquiry and through collaborations with scientists. With student backgrounds spanning electro-engineering, fine art, film production, graphic design, photography to psychology, the creative relationships between art and science are explored in an individual approach expressed by a diverse range of media.

Agnese Basova | Josh Chow | Monika Dorniak | Michelle von Mandel | Maria McCullough (Macc) | Juan Perez | Leon Radschinski-Gorman | Virginie Serneels | Iting Shih | Hannah Scott | Heather Scott | Nicolas Strappini | Neus Torres Tamarit | Yu-Ji


Saturday 27 May, 14:00 – 17:00. The exhibition is accompanied by an afternoon of performances, demonstrations and conversations.

Free event but please book to reserve a place here 


Visit and social media for the latest information: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


Somehow You and I Collide – MA Interim Show, 16-19 March

Somehow You and I Collide showcases the work of over 70 postgraduate art students in the first year of their course, be it MA Art and Science, MA Fine Art or MA Photography at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

Somehow You and I Collide

Somehow You and I Collide

Housed in the underground post-industrial space of Mangle in London’s East End, the space provides a perfect backdrop for contemporary work that considers what it means to make in today’s economic and political landscape.

Sharing their postgraduate work publicly for the first time, the students span the full scope of media from painting, sculpture, video, performance, and experimental interactive works. Their approaches are diverse and address a range of themes including – but by no means limited to – identity, celebrity, reality, chaos, and excess.

What brings these works together is a shared sense of urgency, the art shown in Somehow You and I Collide is work that needs to be made and needs to be shown.

Please join us for an event that is sure to be exciting and thought-provoking.

Somehow You and I Collide

2-18 Warburton Road, E8 3FN

Private View Thursday 16 March: 6 – 9pm

Exhibition continues 17-19 March: 12 – 6pm


New innovative work by pioneering Central Saint Martins graduates, that challenges the concept of fine art through interdisciplinary practice.

DATES | Wed 25th – Sun 29th May 2016

LOCATION | Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, 1 Granary Square, London N1C 4AA, United Kingdom

OPENING TIMES | Wed to Fri 12.00 – 20.00 | Sat to Sun 12.00 – 18.00

UNFOLDING REALITIES presents the work of 20 MA Art and Science graduates at Central Saint Martins. Since its inception in 2011 this pioneering course, the first of its kind, has provided a unique global platform for students across a wide range of fields, on which they extend and contribute to the expanding interdisciplinary branch of knowledge – Art and Science. Responding to this fast emerging territory for collaborative practice which redefines creativity across disciplines, UNFOLDING REALITIES practitioners from fine art, design, photography, neuroscience, art history, mathematics, choreography and architecture have been inspired by their individual connections and observations of the world and the challenge of interrogating this beyond disciplinary boundaries.

Bold, innovative work and research includes a large interactive multimedia sculpture where glass neurons provoke an out of body experience (JENNIFER WALSH); the exploration of paper fold- ing as a visual representation of the Theory of Everything (MARTA PANILLA); the launch of a transdiscipline through the uncovering of 300 year old bacteria collected by an antiquarian book (SARAH CRASKE); the exploration of the effect on our bodies when perceiving Earth from a distance (ALEKSANDRA BORYS); the re-presentation of the human body as a microbial land- scape (MELLISSA FISHER); the exploration of ‘Emergence Theory’ through Constructivist inspired large-scale screen-prints (CHARLOTTE WHISTON); and reflections on the advances in surgical techniques and increasing availability (MARY HELEN MAC).

This exhibition showcases works that have developed from experimentation with integrative techniques, long-term collaborations with scientists, use of familiar materials as unusual artistic media, and influences from historical and current scientific inquiry.


For more information and further images please contact: Hashtag #UNFOLDING_REALITIES
Facebook Event
Facebook Page
Twitter @artsciencecsm

Aleksandra Borys | Lorraine Clarke | Lucy Crowder | Julius Colwyn | Sarah Craske | Mellissa Fisher | Stephanie Herbert | Mandy Hreus | Keun Wook Ji | Peiwen Li | Silvia Krupinska | Mary Helen Mack | Marta Pinilla Martinez | Carla Mancillas Serna | Grace Stokes | Jana Va- lencic | Mira Varg | Jennifer Walsh | Charlotte Whiston | Stephanie Wong

This pioneering 2 year postgraduate course responds to a fast-emerging territory for in- terdisciplinary and collaborative art practice. The MA Art and Science gives students an oppor- tunity to interrogate the creative relationships between art and science and how they can be communicated. They explore different approaches to making and presenting their work with the aim of proposing and realising innovative outcomes in practice and research. csm/courses/postgraduate/ma-art-and-science/

The degree show will be accompanied by a series of events including tours, demonstrations and a one day Symposium on Saturday 28th May 11:00 – 16:00. Students and external practitioners within the field of Art and Science will share ideas and motivations in a day of talks, activities and discussion. Visit for the latest information.


Degree Show One 2016 (24th – 29th May) will showcase the School of Fine Art courses: BA (Hons) Fine Art; Postgraduate Art Programme at CSM (MA Fine Art, MA Art andScience, MA Photography, MRes Art: Exhibition Studies, MRes Art: Moving Image, MRes Art: Theory and Philosophy). Central Saint Mar- tins is internationally renowned for the creative energy of its students,staff and graduates with an out- standing reputation for educating foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate and research students across art, design and performance. Fundamental to study at the College are experimentation, innovation, risk- taking, questioning and discovery, within a highly supportive learning environment. Alumni include, Matthew Collings, James Dyson, Gilbert and George, Anthony Gormley, Raqib Shaw, and Yinka Shoni- bare. Central Saint Martins is part of University of the Arts London, an international centre for innovative teaching and research in arts, design, fashion, communication and the performing arts. The University is made up of six Colleges: Camberwell College of Arts,Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London College of Communication, London College of Fashion and Wimbledon College of Arts