Dissertation spines 2015

Dissertation Titles 2015

Students on the MA Art & Science explore a wide range of subjects, theories, movements and disciplinary perspectives. To give a flavour of that diversity, here are the titles of dissertations submitted in 2015.

To what extent does our native language have an influence on the way we read images?

Marie-Pier Malouin

Exploring the relationship between visual perception and visual representation in botanical art and botanical science illustration. How are contemporary artists interpreting this relationship?

May Turner

You Cannot Be What You Cannot See: The Importance of Positive Representations of Physical Activity for Women

Crow Dillon-Parkin

Representation of Shadows in Western Arts

Miena Mizusaki

Is Ceramics a Time-Based Practice?

Sandra Berghianu

The Value of Garbage and Art from the Avant-Garde to the Contemporary

Daniel Ayat

Samples and Artworks: Towards the Construction of Unity

Kyra Bento de Carvalho Altmann

Reconciling the Irreconcilable: Can the metamodern artwork resolve the present tensions between our self-conceptions and accumulated knowledge?

Jared Vaughan Davis

Post-Human Maze: The ethical challenge the cyborg brings to humankind through artistic perspectives

Jing Hu

The Bed as a Symbol of Depression in Contemporary Art: Leaden heaviness, self-neglect and asymbolia in the art of Urs Fischer, Tracey Emin and Robert Rauschenberg

Sivan Lavie

The Mysterious World of the Humble Pebble

Morfydd Ransom-Hall

Our Attraction to Morbid Anatomy

Jazz Szu-Ying Chen

An insight into the intentions behind and characteristics of camera-less photography, and how this challenges the dominant force of digitalisation in contemporary photographic culture

Alice Cazenave

Into the Unknown: A study into the complex nature of Susan Hiller’s “Dedicated to the Unknown Artists”.

Emma Lucy Eagle

The Function and Significance of the Spiral in Plastic Arts

Yuwen Qin

Identifying the Parameters of Physical Space

Vivienne Wen Du

To what extent can quantum physics be used to describe post-structuralism and how do these ideas manifest in contemporary art practice?

Libby Heaney

Ze Frank: Exploring the everyday everyday

Samuel Ivan Roberts