Stephanie Wong Tate interview – Art School Advice

MA Art and Science student, Stephanie Wong, recently answered some questions for the Tate website student advice page. Here’s an excerpt…

What was your background before going to art college (education, work experience etc…)?

Prior to the MA I did a degree in neuroscience. Although art was my favourite subject at school I also enjoyed science and was able to study both at A level, taking biology, physics and art. However, going into university I felt I had to choose one route and didn’t feel ready for the flexibility and openness of art school. Wanting a more structured environment and also following one strand of my interests I ended up studying neuroscience at the University of Bristol. Following on from my degree I did a bit of science communication, volunteering then interning at a science centre. Over this time I found myself constantly drawn to the more creative jobs on offer and felt sad that I hadn’t pursued my interest in art. Despite having enjoyed my science degree there was always the question in the back of my mind what if I’d gone into art school instead?

Tate Collectives art school resource, artwork by Stephanie Wong

What made you want to study that subject?

When I found out the MA Art and Science course existed I couldn’t believe it. I thought I wouldn’t go back into education, so it took me a good year to decide to apply. In the end I couldn’t resist the possibility of studying a subject that seemed to blend both of my interests perfectly. Also, I felt that unless I studied art at university level I would never be able to consider it as a career.

Read the full interview here, covering the inspirations, activities and aspirations of a student on MA Art and Science:

Jared Vaughan Davis 2015

MA Art and Science graduate activity

Since completing their studies in June our recent graduates have been busy. Here is just a flavour of some of the things they’ve been up to…


Jared Vaughan Davis has been published in 3 international magazines:

INTERALIA MAGAZINE: On the Greek Gematria series and Metamodern experiments

SCIART IN AMERICA: Thoughts on the limitations of art and science – pg 8

ABOON MAGAZINE: Interview with Jared Vaughan Davis


Daniel Simon Ayat is guest critic on the AAVS Lyngør Workshop taking place in August on Lyngør Island in the North Sea. The workshop will explore the fundamental properties of Nordic architecture and formulate site-specific speculations in the context of a small island community. Daniel will contextualise the 1812 Battle of Lyngør with reference to naval technology, navigation, and astronomical instrumentation.


Vivienne Wen Du has been Artist in Residence at The Lab Project – an experimental month long residency exploring interactions between art and science, along with another graduate from 2013, Rose Pickles.


Sivan Lavie curated an exhibition, Human Nature, in London featuring many fellow artists from MA Art and Science.


Alice Cazenave, Jing Hu and Crow Dillon-Parkin exhibited in Fluorescent Open House Festival in Soho in July.


Several students have moved into new studios to be able to continue their practice post-graduation, including Libby Heaney, Morfydd Ransom Hall and Crow Dillon-Parkin


No doubt much to follow in future…