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MAAS Open Studio 2021


21st January 2021 – 21st February 2021

Open Studio will open here on the 21st of January


This year MA Art and Science students are mostly working from their home-studios. With tighter studio spaces they collaborate with co-habiting species, work with diverse responsive matter and make experiments in their living spaces.

Giving full attention to their surroundings, each student’s work develops to explore variations of possible futures.

SEE YOU TOMORROW invites you to see how artists make work by combining their creative practice with scientific research and what happens in the process.

The map navigates you to public places frequented by artists on the course. If you happen to be in the area close to their dot on the map, then follow directions to find an object temporarily placed by the artist, for you to see and use as a QR Code portal to their virtual studio. If these locations are local to you* then please try visiting these places physically to have an embodied experience of each and every spot chosen for you by the artists, and then share your moments with us using #SeeYouTomorrow #MAAS21 #artandscience

Participating Artists: Lucy Jane MacAllister Dukes, Clemence Vazard, Shivani Mathur, Kelly Briggs, Diana Krilova, Sophia Cakova, Laurane Le Goff, Haoran Ye, Steve Wheeler, Patryk Starzykowski, Ruth Hallgarten, Laura Melissa Williams, Aminder Virdee, Vidya Lalgudi Jaishankar, Sorcha Jewell, Dovile Antusaite Sostakas, Maite Pastor Blanco, Anita Chanda, Younkuk Choi, Noa Rodríguez Méndez, Holly Moore, Joana Viveiros, Kiah Nicole Fisher, Josie Rae Turnbull, Wendelle Allado, Debra Pollarini, Audrey Rangel Aguirre, Himarni Moonasinghe, Anna Linnea Strøe, Yan Gi Cheng, Steffi Callaghan, Elena Vittoria Bevilacqua, Yawen Zhang, Merve Safa Erguner, Belle Kushner, Xin Sun, Molly Macleod, Laura Benetton, Emma Williams, Thomas Graham, Roseanna Clarke, Rowan Affleck, Georgina Clift, Kaini Zhang.

* in compliance with current covid-safety guidelines in your area

Emergent – Open Studio

On 3 December 2019 MA Art and Science held their annual Open Studio event, invited the public into the studio to engage with their emerging interdisciplinary practice through exhibitions, experiments, interactions and performances.

Here are some of the highlights…




Di Wingate’s studio space and work.

Sculpture that suspense a log by a log clawMariana Heilmann’s studio space and network experiment.

Marks made on Oscar Towe’s back through his performance work.


Colin Clark’s studio space and work.


Foreground:Richard Paton’s work. Background: Debi-Sara’s work.


Chenglu (Clitie)Bao’s work.


Phil Barton in front of his work.


Debi-Sara Wilkinson’s work


Debi-Sara Wilkinson’s work


Louise Crawford’s studio space and work.


Claire Mc Dermott’s studio work



Claire Mc Dermott’s studio work

EmbryonicA Open Studio 4th December 2019

image of people in studio

Above image: Archway Studios – sorted and ready


Above image:  My Face


Close up of image reflection

Above image: Close up of distorted reflection


Close up of Claire's sculpture

Close up of Claire Mc Dermott’s sculpture 


Member of the public turning the page of an artist note boot

Above image: Osca Towe’s artist note book


Di's swirls of white lines on black background

Above image: Di Wingate’s installation


Image of water stains

Above Image:Image of water colour stains and line work 


Above image: Studio photograph of Richard Paton, Phil Barton, and Raji Jagadeesan artwork


photograph of hand sculpture

Above image: Sculpture of sign language



Moss growing on artwork

Above Image: Moss growing on artwork


Above image: Archway Studio


Above image: Colin Clark’s live matter


close up of textiles

Above image: Close up of textile sculpture


plaster sculpture

Above image: Plaster sculpture


close up of metal curved triangle sculpture

Above image: Close up of triangle sculpture


Image oc speaker and orange metals coils

Above image: A Speaker and orange coils of metal


Above image: Image of textiles, plaster and wood by Rose


Above image: Curves by Raji Jugadeesan


Graphic image with a portrait in a black, white and grey chess background

Above Image Perspective’s by Maria Ribeiro 


Image of illusion

Above image: Image of illusion


Above Image: from left to right, Di Wingate, Phil Burton and Richard Paton


light falling on hanging artwor

Above image: Print on mirror


Tuesday 4 December 2018
4.30 – 8.00pm

MA Art and Science (Central Saint Martins) invite you to our Open Studio event, EmbryonicA, presenting intriguing artworks and experiments from 40+ interdisciplinary practitioners.

2nd Floor, Elthorne Studios
9 -15 Elthorne Road
London N19 4AJ

Nearest Tube – Archway : Rail – Upper Holloway

Please register your interest on our Facebook event.

We hope to see you there.

Open Studio – Wednesday 7 December

MA Art and Science 

Open Studio

Wednesday 7 December


Come and see work in progress, experiments and performances from forty interdisciplinary practitioners exploring the interconnections between art and science.

Central Saint Martins Archway Campus
Elthorne Studios
9-15 Elthorne Road
London N19 4AJ

For details of scheduled events and up to date information check event info on Facebook

Open Studio 2016

Open Studio 2016

Mind_Matter: MA Art and Science Open Studio

MA Art and Science, 
Open Studio

Students from the MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins open their studio doors this November to share research, experiments and artworks. 

Private View 
Weds 11 November, 17.00-19.30

Exhibition continues:
Thursday 12 & Friday 13 November, 12.00-19.00
Saturday 14 November, 12.00-17.00

Elthorne Studios
9-15 Elthorne Road
London N19 4AJ